To Do

  • Implement <noscript> and no-js fallback

  • Disabled fields and options

    • material_select_js.html change tabindex to -1 if disabled
  • Rearrange error position to appear below field?

  • Test possible bug in clearable_file_input due to <a> instead of <label>

Known Bugs

  • <label> does not have mouse hover highlight due to MDC error when JS is activated. Seen in MaterialClearableFileInput widget.
  • <label> does not have tab highlight. Seen in MaterialClearableFileInput widget.
  • autofocus does not trigger help_text on field
  • non-textfield focus does not trigger help_text field
  • material select js fields do not allow alphabetical keyboard input
  • material select js fields do not stretch to fit label fields
  • grouped material select js will submit first valid value if not selected. create a title item with value=’‘